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Welcome to the Guild Shop!

Points command: !guildpoints (leader)
Requirements: 100 rank points, No [DNT]
Players online: 3 online
Different IPS: 3 IPs
Points Amount: 200 points (each player)
Command can be executed every 12 hours.
Each player will receive points only 1 time per account.
PointsPictureDescriptionSelect product
100Warz Slingshot (100 points)
You see a Warz Slingshot (Atk:240, Range:5).
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100Warz Staff (100 points)
You see a Warz Staff (Range:5).
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100Warz Axe (100 points)
You see a Warz Axe (Atk:240, Def:25).
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100Warz Boots (100 points)
Faster Regeneration (Enhanced soft boots)
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