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Private War System
This war system allows 2 guilds to fight eachother on a expecific area without any intruders on a exclusive map to war with several options to choose.

Select war mode:


Choose the city.
➤ Guild: ➤ Frags: ➤ Max. Players: ➤ Only Mages ?

Enemy guild.

Frags to end.

Players per guild.
 ➤ Fllw Attack   ➤ Summon   ➤ PRO Items   ➤ SSA/Might 

!war invite - invite a guild to a private war.
!war go - access to the war area.
!war cancel - cancel the war (you must be leader and be inside the war area). Once this command is executed, the war will be ended within 5 minutes.
!war accept, enemy guild - accept an invitation to war.

• Every private war has a duration of 90 minutes.
• You must accept a war invitation within 2 minutes otherwise it will be removed.
• Both guilds must have at least 4 players on their guild, different IPS and online.
• If a guild stays inactive for more than 10 minutes, the war will be canceled.
• If both guilds stays inactive for more than 5 minutes, the war will be canceled.
• Your teammates will have a green emblem while your enemies a red emblem.
• Players level 450+ will lose 0.8% percent of their total experience at dying.
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